The Effects of Vaping to Oral and Overall Health of Millenials | Dental World Manila

The Effects of Vaping to Oral and Overall Health of Millenials

The Effects of Vaping to Oral and Overall Health of Millenials | Dental World Manila

Vices are very hard to resist. Even though people know the possible danger of continuing their habits, many choose to persist. Meanwhile, others are taking steps to quit their bad habits. They control their urges, talk with counseling experts, and take prescribed medicines. On the other hand, some look for safer alternatives. Thus, the rise of vapes.

Vapes, also known as e-cigarettes or Juul, are undeniably a millennial thing today. According to surveys, millennials are taking the lead to e-cig popularity, wherein they comprise 44% of vapor smokers. But, why are they attracted to this kind of cigarette? What do they contain? What are its effects, especially to dental health? Plus, are they safe? To answer these questions, we’ve asked trusted Filipino dentists from premium dental clinics nationwide.

What vapes do?

A vape is considered a fantastic alternative to traditional cigarettes. They do not contain large amounts of tobacco and don’t produce smoke. Instead, they have a bit of nicotine (derived from a tobacco plant), lesser chemicals, and create a pleasant-smelling aerosol (due to applied juices). They are battery-powered and last longer compared to lighting traditional cigarettes and buying sticks again and again. They are also popular to millennials as they can do cool tricks with the vapor smokes and still smell good after use. Plus, they are believed to propose less harm over regular cigarettes.

What are the effects of vaping?

Let’s start at the good effects first. Vapes are a great investment for many, especially when planning to gradually quit smoking regular cigarettes. All you need is one Juul and a little amount of vape juice then you can use it whenever you want. Hence, you save money while giving up on traditional cigarettes. However, professionals warn about the harmful effects too. There are some reported cases wherein vapes overheat, crack or explode then lead to accidents and injuries. Hence, having an authentic Juul and cautiously using it is very vital.

When it comes to health, research shows that vapes are safer than traditional cigarettes (due to smaller amounts of nicotine and chemicals) but this doesn’t mean they don’t propose health risks. Filipino dentists state that the nicotine ingredient may still cause excessive oral bacteria, dry mouth, irritation and cell death. Studies also show that nicotine found in vape juices plays a role in the development of periodontal diseases, bone loss, tooth loss and tooth decay.

Are they totally safe?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, “e-cigarettes have not been fully studied, so consumers currently don’t know the potential risks of e-cigarettes when used as intended, how much nicotine or other potentially harmful chemicals are being inhaled during use, or whether there are any benefits associated with using these products.” However, ongoing clinical studies show that even the small amount of nicotine found in vape juices can still cause and worsen disorders. Plus, there are still cases of exploding e-cigarettes up to this day. Hence, Filipino dentists, remind vapor smokers to be cautious and check on their overall health.

The Bottom Line

Quitting vices is hard, that’s why alternatives easily attract us. But we have to be careful, ask for expert advice, and check our health first before risking ourselves to temporary reliefs.

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