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Bone Grafting

What is the Use of Bone Grafting Procedure in Dental Implants and in Periodontics?

Periodontal disease affects many people around the world, and it is a gum disease that can cause extreme decay in the bone tissue and the teeth itself. Until bone grafting came about, there was little that could be done to treat this serious gum disease.

Bone grafting or augmentation is the act of replacing decayed or missing bone with synthetic bone in the jaw or gum line. This will eventually give the dentist a place to place the implant, because otherwise there would be no way to keep the implant in place. In periodontal disease, bone grafting can allow the remaining teeth to reduce the amount of lost bone density, and have better looking and healthier teeth.

In order to find out more about bone grafting in Manila Philippines, those people who are diagnosed with periodontal disease need to see a dental specialist. Some general dentists will not work with patients who have periodontal disease, some dentists only specialize in this condition, and others will do both. You need to visit with a local practitioner and see if they can provide the special services you will need.

When it comes to treating Periodontics in Manila Philippines, many dentists are able to help tourists and residents alike to get the teeth they need, despite the missing bone tissue. In fact, bone augmentation may be the only way to ensure that remaining teeth can stay and that implants will be effective. Without bone grafting, patients will have to face the loss of more teeth, including implanted ones. It is crucial to get the very best dental care possible if you have even mild periodontal disease.

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