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Laser Teeth Whitening

What is the Process Involved in Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening in Manila Philippines often involves activating a specific type of whitening agent, such as bleach, on the teeth with a laser. Typically, the process is completed in one 30 minute session, although additional care may be needed if the staining was severe.

Tooth Bleaching in Manila Philippines uses the chemicals in the whitening agent, but do not apply a laser. The chemical components between the two types of bleaching agents are different as well.

Is it Really Effective?

Many patients feel that both laser and bleaching are extremely effective for hard to remove yellowing or stains on the teeth. Unfortunately, bad habits like smoking and drinking coffee may cause the patient to re-bleach at a later time.

Is it true that it could damage your teeth or enamel?

Typically, the types of chemicals used in the dentist's office are far kinder to your teeth than the ones bought for teeth whitening at home. In addition, dentists know just how long to leave the bleaching agents or laser on the teeth, and are experts at judging the pre-existing wear on the enamel. A good cosmetic dentist will weigh any enamel wear against the bleaching time and come up with a time frame that will not harm your teeth but will still lighten them considerably.

While it is true that bleaching your teeth at home is probably far less expensive, in the long run it is best to use professionals instead. This will keep your teeth safe from harm and will give you a beautiful and white smile as well

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