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4 Dental Implant Cleaning Tools

dental implant cleaning

Keeping your dental implants clean, fresh, and intact is easy when you know how to properly care for them and have the necessary tools to ensure long-term gum and implant health. As per dentists from the premium dental clinic in Makati, implants need similar care to natural teeth. A regular oral health routine comprised of brushing, flossing, and rinsing can already go a long way. However, this doesn’t mean that your implants don’t need special attention. Remember, although implants look like your pearly whites, they are not made of similar elements.

Dental implants are metal posts, screws, or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once attached, the dentist mounts a replacement crown typically made of compounds such as zirconia and porcelain for restoring teeth. These materials can be scratched and these scratches may harbor bacteria and lead to infection. To prevent the attack of bacteria and maintain the quality of your prosthesis, we’ve rounded up several dental tools that you may add to your oral regime.

1. Tufted Toothbrush

Instead of the traditional toothbrush, dentists recommend tufted brushes for cleaning implants. Tufted brushes have angled neck to easily access hard-to-reach surfaces, soft bristles to gently clean the implants, and a slim brush head to focus on the implant abutments. Dentists in Makati usually have this type of brushes stored in their dental clinic for their patients. You may also order here.


2. Interdental Brush

Aside from using a tufted toothbrush, keeping a handy interdental brush is a wise move, too! Interdental brushes come in different sizes that effectively clean spaces between implants and teeth with no worries of scratching and bleeding. You can also add an antibacterial cleanser or toothpaste to the tip of the brush to aid in cleaning. Get yours here.


3. Implant Floss

There are flosses specifically made for implants. They are thicker, flexible, unwaxed and have stiff ends to avoid causing unexpected scratches and injuries in the gum tissue. However, it is important to note that you must only use them upon the direction of your dentist or when your implants are fully healed. Learn more here.


4. Oral Irrigator

If you’re not into flossing, a water pick or oral irrigator would better suit your dental implant flossing needs. It works by gently irrigating your prosthesis with jets of water to clean them thoroughly. It is proven to help fight bleeding gums, inflammation, gingivitis and infection. It also prevents plaque buildup around your implant and gums. Order yours here.


These are just a few of the dental tools that you may add to your regular oral health routine to ensure long-term success for your dental implants. For additional tips and maintenance treatments to keep your implants in their best shape, visit your trusted dental clinic in Makati today!

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