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Our satisfied clients from the different parts of the globe share their experience at Dental World Manila.

Luis and Lilia Caalim

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We are a couple who need extensive dental work and we planned our trip to the Philippines to find a good dentist to do the dental work for us and we searched and found Dental World Manila through their website.

We went to their branch at SM Mall of Asia which was near the place we are staying.

We are very grateful and satisfied with Dr. Malony Santos and his dental team, the best dentist we encountered by far. He is very caring, compassionate and meticulous with superb workmanship. He takes pride in his work and his priority is to make his patients happy with their results. His staff are super friendly, highly skilled, very gentle and make us comfortable all throughout the process. His clinic is very modern with state-of-the-art equipment. Dr Malony Santos is truly a blessing for us. We highly recommend him!

Michael Miners

Michael Miners

United Kingdom

My first day I came to the clinic of Dr. Malony Santos at St. Luke's Medical Center, his team were amazing. They have done their best to make me feel comfortable. I like to thank them for the best treatment they gave me and I will recommend my friends to come to Dental World Manila clinic as well. My teeth looked fantastic!

David Teku

David Teku

Brisbane, Australia

I have waited for five years to get my teeth done. Philippines is the best place to do it and I recommend Dr. Malony Santos and his associate Dr. Analiza Mirasol. They are very professional and they will adapt their time to you and your needs. Their fees are the best around compare to Australia and the job is quality. I finally found back my smile!

Thank you Dr. Santos and your team.

Daryl Walker New Smile Dental World

Daryl Walker

Adelaide, Australia

I was very self-conscious of how bad my teeth had become and therefore stopped smiling altogether. My smile embarrassed me as I knew how bad my teeth looked to me and therefore must look to other people. Of course most people were polite so would not say anything but kids being kids used to ask me what happened to my teeth to which I replied that I did not look after my teeth when I was younger so if they did not brush their teeth they would end up looking the same as me.

I decided that it was time I do something about it, so I contacted Glorietta Dental Center now know as Dental World Manila to book in and have a consultation done to give me back my smile that I had lost and desperately wanted back. I was totally happy with the completed job and now feel a lot more confident when talking to new people and I no longer have to stop smiling. In fact I have to remind myself that I have a new fantastic smile and therefore need to smile a lot more.

The staff at Glorietta Dental Center are fantastic and were very helpful and very informative throughout the total process. I wish to thank all the staff for all their help and assistance and I am so glad that I decided to invest into my smile as it has been money very well spent.

Arnold Walker testimonial dental world

Arnold Walker


Thank you Dr. Santos and Dr. Limbos and the rest of the staff for a job well done! My new smile gave me alot of confidence. More power to you and your clinic!

Rosana Castaneda testimonial dental world

Rosana Castaneda

Brea, California

When Dr. Malony Santos visited my husband and me last year in Los Angeles, I asked him if he could help me with my teeth. All my life I had major dental problems. When I was young my dentist pulled many of baby and permanent teeth. This resulted in an uneven bite and assymetrical smile. I also had five missing teeth that had a porcelain bridge that was not fitted properly. Aesthetically it looked terrible. I lost my self confidence. I didn’t like my pictures taken because of my semi twisted smile. It also affected my health since I could not eat certain hard foods.

Dr. Santos confidently said he could help me. After he left the U.S. I excitedly planned my trip to the Philippines. My mission: to reclaim my beautiful smile again. I had complete faith in his words. As soon as I arrived, I had my first dental appointment with Dr. Santos. That started my month-long journey of dental appointments. I interchanged my dental visits in his St. Luke’s office and the Mall of Asia clinics.His clinics are comparable, if not better than my U.S. dentists. With Dr. Malony Santos experience, skills and competence is cosmetic dentistry, TMJ and oral surgery, he systematically created a plan to correct my bite and to improve the over all look of my teeth. His goal was to give me a total makeover using his talent in dentistry and art.Together with his excellent team of doctors, Dr. Lester, Dr. Anne, Dr. P.J. and Dr. Cathy, they showed me the perfect combination of professionalism and compassion. They were patient, gentle and very polite. They were also efficient and knowledgeable. With their masks on, you couldn’t tell that they all looked like teen-agers.After whole month of dedication and hard work, they finally did it. I was overwhelmed with my new look. My smile is symmetrical now, My teeth are so realistic I could fool myself. The most important part is that I could smile again with confidence, I didn’d expect the changes to be so dramatic. Thank you, Dr. Santos and all your wonderful doctors. I will always remeber you. You will be a part of my every smile. I know that God is working through your hands! I plan to tell my friends about this wonderful dental miracle that happened to me.

Hartmut Weller testimonial dental world

Hartmut Weller


Dear Dr. Santos,

I would like to express my thanks to you and your team for the perfect works you did. Knowing that im a difficult patient, you did everything (crowns, Bridge etc.) to my full satisfaction.

Your clinic is equipped with the latest instruments. It is comfortable and you and your team spread a warm atmosphere. So my decision to love all the treatment done in your dental clinic was absolutely right.

I wish you and your team a successful future and my thanks for all.

William Penvose testimonial dental world

William Penvose

North Carolina, USA

After contacting Dr. Santos and arranging an appointment, I arrived at his office and was greeted by Dr. Santos and his associates. I couldn’t have hope for a more friendly and professional group of people, I had an extensive amount of work done in a rather short amount of time, through out the entire procedure I was treated as if I was the only patient there. Before we started, I informed Dr. Santos that I had sensitive teeth and his whole crew took extreme care not to aggravate them, I was kept informed with every aspect of the procedure and I felt as if no one rested until I was completely satisfied. Thank you Dr. Santos and associates for your hard work and dedication. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Malony L. Santos and his associates to any one in need of dental care.

May Wogandt  testimonial dental world

May Wogandt

Darwin, Australia

I am a Filipino-Australian, who wasn’t happy with my teeth (hated) because I couldn’t smile, I didn’t have the confidence to smile in photos and talking to people in general and I was embarrassed to show off my smile and talk about my teeth.

But when I first visited Dr.Malony L. Santos, I already felt comfortable talking about the problems with my teeth and smiles which made me rely on how and what his gonna do with my teeth.

Now that my teeth are done I am now happy to show off my smile and willing to talk to people about absolutely anything!

I really appreciated what Dr. Malony L. Santos has done to my teeth and I thank you a million times for that! And also for being such a kind hearted person which made you become one of my closest friends! To all the staff who are very kind and friendly to me I thank you all very much for that as well. ” MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Rev. Kaima Henry Maka testimonial dental world

Rev. Kaima Henry Maka

Papua New Guinea

You don't have to see to believe but believe to see.

I am living by faith and not by sight. This is the rewarding faith, a moving faith. an active faith and a living faith in the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

As my moblile teeth and mouth problems went from bad to worse after six solid years nothing bettered and I was running into serious problem.

I prayed about it and trusted God to open up a door to take care of my situation. 

I shared my problem with my doctors and nurses for their professional advise. They suggested that I seek overseas help as they were limited by inadequate facilities in the public hospitals in Papua New Guinea.

Immediately a door of opportunity opened for me through my local church chairman, Ako Koala, who introduced Dental World Manila and St. Luke's Medical Center in Manila, Philippines.

Faith gave me no room for challenges of my quick decision to come to Dental World Manila in Manila Philippines.

On December 13, 2012, I met Dr. Malony Santos and his professional team, some of the best dentists in the Philippines.

This is the team that sincerely gave their best attention to my deteriorating dental and mouth issue.

Dental World Manila finally brought my serious problem succesfully controlled, giving me a brand new life and meaning. This is a reality of rewarding faith.

My testimony is, I came as half dead man but returning to Papua New Guinea feeling Resurrected.

I thanked God for Dental World Manila and St. Luke's Medical Center, the dentists, doctors and nurses for providing excellent professional services.

Thank you Dr. Santos for a job well done and God Bless you and your team.

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